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Where to park

To adapt to each city’s unique infrastructure and traffic scene, our parking situation can differ slightly between cities. If you want specifics on where to park in your current location, head to “Help & legal” then “Map guide” in the menu.

Parking in a dedicated parking spot

In some cities, or in areas of a city marked in light blue on the map, you need to park in a dedicated parking spot. Don’t worry, in these cities the app will tell you if you need to move to a dedicated parking spot.

When you’re ready to end your ride, check the in-app map for a nearby parking spot indicated by a blue “P”. 

  • Circular “P” icons are scooter parking spots


  • Square “P” icons are bike parking spots


  • Diamond “P” icons are parking spots for both vehicles


You can tap on a parking spot to see how far away it is, if there’s still space available, and to get navigation to that spot.

If you’re unsure which parking spot is closest or the app says the spot you've chosen is full, in some cities you can tap “Find parking” and we’ll suggest a route to the nearest available spot. (Dedicated parking spots become full once they hold the maximum number of Dotts allowed by the municipality, even if there is still space for other vehicles.)

Keep in mind that parking spots may not always be physically marked on the street, but they’re always indicated by a blue “P” on the map – that’s why we recommend checking the app first.

Parking anywhere with care

In other cities, you can park anywhere as long as you follow the general parking guidelines. You might see recommended parking zones, indicated in dark blue, where we suggest you end your ride to keep the city neat.

Whenever you’re unsure where to park, check the app – it will tell you if you can end your ride where you area, or if you need to move to a dedicated parking spot.

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