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How to read the map

Our in-app map shows you where you can ride and park – here’s how to read it.

Keep in mind you may not see all of these zones & icons on your map based on the parking situation in your city.

No-go zone: To avoid a fine, don’t ride or park in red areas – this includes places outside the riding area.


Low-speed zone: We’ll automatically slow your speed in yellow areas.


No-park zone: To avoid a parking fine, end your ride outside of gray areas.


Dedicated parking spots: Scooter, bike, and all-vehicle parking spots are marked by a blue “P”. You must park in one of these spots if they appear on the map – keep in mind you might need to zoom out a little to see them. You’ll also need to park in these spots if you’re in a light blue area of the map (see “Dedicated parking zones” below).

  • Scooter parking: Circle “P” icons are scooter parking spots.


  • Bike parking: Square “P” icons are bike parking spots.


  • All vehicle parking: Diamond “P” icons are parking spots for both vehicles.


If there aren’t any “P” parking spots on the map, this means you can park anywhere as long as you follow the general parking guidelines. Keep in mind, however, that you may just need to zoom out a little to see the parking spots.

Dedicated parking zones: In light blue areas, you must park in one of the blue “P” parking spots mentioned above. Outside these light blue areas, you can park anywhere as long as you follow the general parking guidelines.


Recommended parking: While not mandatory, we suggest parking anywhere in dark blue areas to keep our streets neat for everyone.


If you’re unsure where to park, check the app – it will tell you if you can end your ride where you are, or if you need to move to a dedicated parking spot.

When you’re on the go, we recommend heading to “Help & legal” then “Map guide” in the menu for info on the parking situation in your location.

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