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General parking guidelines

No matter where you’re parking, please follow these guidelines to keep our streets safe for everyone.


  • Park your Dott in an upright position using the kickstand
  • Take a parking photo when prompted – make sure that the photo is in focus and shows where the vehicle is parked, without showing yourself or other people

Don’t park…

  • In no-park zones, no-go zones, or outside the riding area – you’ll find these zones indicated on the map, so have a quick look before you start your ride
  • Blocking the sidewalk, roads, bike lanes, bus stops, and exits
  • On private property and private driveways
  • On wheelchair ramps and tactile paving for the blind
  • In areas that need to stay free for safety reasons, like hospital entrances

If you don’t follow these parking guidelines, you risk a fine of up to €300 (or your local equivalent), in addition to possible legal fines from the city. You also risk a fine if your parking photo shows incorrect parking or is illegible, so make sure you follow the app's parking prompts and step back far enough to get the entire vehicle in your shot.


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