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When buying a pass, I get a payment error

There are a few reasons why you might see a payment error when trying to buy a pass:

  • There isn’t enough money on your payment method
  • You went over your payment method’s daily or monthly transaction limit
  • Your bank card is expired
  • Your bank blocked the transaction for security reasons
  • You bank requires you to complete an additional verification step with them (3D secure)
  • Your bank needs to grant permission for your payment method to be used in our app

Contact your bank for help when you get this payment error. If the problem persists, you can contact us here, or go to “Help & legal” then “Contact us” in the app.

Trying to buy a pass with your Dott wallet? Unfortunately, it’s not possible to buy a pass using your Dott wallet balance – you’ll need to connect a payment method (like a bank card or PayPal), or use a one-time payment method (like Giropay or Bancontact).

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