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I was charged more than expected for my ride

If your ride cost more than expected, check whether one of the following happened:

Did you pause or end your ride in an off-limits area, such as a no-go zone, no-park zone, or outside the riding area? If so, you can be charged a parking fine.

If you used a pass, did your ride last longer than the number of riding minutes covered by your pass? Those additional minutes are charged at the standard per-minute riding rate.

Did you pause your ride? Keep in mind that pausing costs the same per minute as riding. To avoid any surprises, you can always check the price per minute and unlock fee (if applicable) that you’ll pay by selecting a Dott vehicle on the map.

Did you successfully end your ride? If not, the ride continues in the app and you continue to pay per minute. This could happen due to connection issues, or you may not have locked the vehicle properly. If this happens, contact us here or go to “Help & legal” then “Contact us” in the app – we’ll help you resolve this.

See a charge you don’t recognize on your bank account? It might just be the start ride temp hold or card verification hold. However, if you think there’s a fraudulent charge on your account, please follow these steps.

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