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I got into an accident

If you got into an accident, please follow these steps:

  1. If you need immediate medical attention, please call your local emergency number (112 in Europe, 999 in the UK, 101 in Israel). If any third parties are involved in the accident, contact your local police to report the case.
  2. Once you and all involved parties are out of harm’s way and the necessary authorities have been contacted, please immediately report this to us in the app by going to “Help & legal” and tapping “Report accident”. Our Customer Care team is available at if you need further assistance.
  3. If any damages or injuries occurred, please check our Insurance Summaries to assess whether you have insurance coverage in your location. If so, follow the instructions on the  “Report accident” screen to contact our insurance company with a full report. Please do this as soon as possible, regardless of severity or blame. This process is also outlined in Filing a claim.

Can Dott still help me if I was riding via FREE NOW?

Yes. If you got into an accident while riding a Dott using FREE NOW’s app, please feel free to contact us using the steps above and we will gladly assist you.

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