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Why was I charged a parking fine?

You may be charged a fine of up to €300 (or the local equivalent) in the following cases:

You paused or parked your ride in a no-park zone, no-go zone, or outside the riding area
These areas are indicated on the map, so we recommend checking it beforehand to see where you can ride. We'll also send you a push notification if you reach these areas so you can avoid getting fined.

Your ride ended from inactivity in a no-park zone, no-go zone, or outside the riding area
We auto-end rides after 10-30 minutes of inactivity, in case you forgot to end it in the app. If this happens in a zone where you’re not allowed to end your ride, a fine will apply. Don’t worry, we’ll notify you a few minutes beforehand to give you the chance to continue your ride or move the vehicle.

You parked your Dott incorrectly
We usually request a photo of your parked Dott to check whether you’ve  followed our parking protocol. Head to our Parking guidelines section for details on how & where to park.

You can see any fines you might have received on your ride receipt or invoice. If you think you were fined by mistake, you can contact us here or go to “Help & legal” then “Contact us” in the app – we’re happy to help!

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