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Does Dott offer discounted rides in France?

Yes! We offer a 60-75% solidarity discount to those who qualify. 

In Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, and Grenoble, we offer a 75% solidarity discount. Here’s what you should send us to apply:

  • Paris: a photo of your ID and a copy of your valid “Solidarité Transport” card
  • Lyon: a photo of your ID and a copy of your valid “TCL Solidaire Gratuit” contract
  • Bordeaux: a photo of your ID and a copy of your valid “Nouvelle Aquitaine” card
  • Grenoble: a photo of your ID and a copy of your valid "Abonnement Solidaire Pastel" card

In Bordeaux, we offer a 25% discount on rides for the holders of a student advantage card from the metropolis of Bordeaux. Here’s what you should send us to apply:

  • a copy of your "carte Jeune"

This promotion can be newly requested after one year.


Applying for your discount

Before you get started, make sure you already have a Dott account – just download the Dott app and follow the steps to get set up.

You can request your discount using this form in our help center.

Make sure to attach a photo of your ID (such as your passport or driver's license) and your proof of eligibility (upload both sides if applicable). Once we’ve reviewed your documents, we’ll send you your unique promo code. To claim it, head to “Promos” in the app menu and tap “Add promo code”.

Now it’s time to hit the road with your discount! Please note that the solidarity discount does not apply for rides taken with a Dott pass, and it expires after 1-3 months depending on the city. If you want to renew it, please resend your documents by the 10th day of the month, every 1-3 months. We do this to comply with data protection regulations.

Enjoy your discount and happy riding!


*We process your data in accordance with the requirements set out under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). For further information as well as your rights in relation to your personal information please read our Privacy Policy.

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