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Refer friends & get free rides

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Love getting free rides? Invite your friends and family to use Dott by sharing your personal code with them – after they take their first ride, you both get free rides!

To share your personal code, tap “Get free rides” in the app menu, then tap “Share with friends” to share your code with people in your contacts.

You can also simply tap your code at the bottom of the screen to copy it and send in a message.


Remember, your friends need to be new riders to use this promo code, so no previous rides can be registered on their account.

Your rides are free for the first 20 minutes (including free unlocks), after which the standard price per minute rate applies.

Once you get your free rides, you have 15 days to use them.

ℹ️ Your promos are assigned at the end of the ride. 

Happy riding!




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