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How can I find a Dott, and can I reserve it?

It’s not currently possible to reserve a vehicle – but we’re working on adding this function very soon.

You can find our vehicles:

  1. On the app
  • Open the Dott app
  • Check the map to find a Dott in your city
  • Tap the tracking button on the bottom right of the screen to move the map to your current location
  • Tap on a cluster of vehicles in your area to zoom in and see where your closest Dott is parked
  • Tap a single Dott to show you how far away it is and how much range it has left
  1. On the street 
  • By train and metro stations
  • By bus stops
  • In office parking areas
  • By universities
  • In or near parks and squares

You can ring my bell

Having a hard time finding your Dott in the busy streets? Open the app and tap Ring to ring the bell* and follow the sound!

*This feature is unavailable from 10pm to 7am to avoid noise pollution.


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