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How to ride Dott scooters

First things first: you need to have an active internet connection to find a Dott, unlock it and end the ride after you’ve arrived.

  1. Starting your scooter ride

Once you've found a scooter,

  • Scan the QR code on top of the scooter and tap Unlock and Start ride to get going.
  • Having trouble scanning the QR code? You can also enter it manually by tapping “abc”.
  • Make sure that you’ve kicked up the kickstand so that it’s no longer touching the ground.
  1. Do a safety check

Before every ride, check:

  • Are the lights working?
  • Do the brakes work? (Squeeze the brake levers to make sure)
  • Are the tires full?
  • Are there any wires hanging loose?
  • Is there any visible damage to the vehicle?
  • How much range does the scooter have left?

If anything seems to be damaged or malfunctioning, please report it to us and find another Dott to ride. You can report a damaged vehicle to us by selecting the vehicle on the map and tapping “Report issue.

  1. Ready to ride
  • To start, place one foot on the board, put both hands on the handlebars and push off hard with your other foot a few times (e-scooters can feel quite heavy the first time, so don’t be shy to give it a good push!).
  • To accelerate, gently push the throttle with your right thumb.
  • Go easy the first time – our scooters can go quite fast.
  • Once you’re riding, keep both feet on the board.
  • Squeeze both brake levers to brake – don't use your feet!
  • Avoid hard braking and accelerating on smooth, slippery surfaces.
  1. Ending your ride
  • Always end your ride in an area where you’re allowed to park. Not sure where you can park? See How to read the map.
  • Once you’re in an authorized parking spot, tap End ride”.
  • Kick the kickstand back down so that your vehicle stands upright.
  • We recommend checking our Parking guidelines section for details on how & where to park.

When riding, always follow our Safe riding essentials. Failure to do so may result in a legal fine, so make sure to give them a quick read before you ride.

If you ever need a quick refresher on how to ride our scooters, tap “Help & legal” then How to ride our scooters in the app. 

Enjoy your ride!


*We show range in km or mi, depending on your personal phone settings. A fully charged Dott scooter can take you up to 35 km (22 mi) from your starting point, depending on traffic and weather conditions.

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