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I bought a Dott pass but was still charged for my ride

It’s likely that your pass didn't cover the entire cost of the ride. Each ride pass includes a fixed number of rides lasting a certain number of minutes (usually 20 or 30 min).

When your ride exceeds those minutes, or when the pass expires, you’ll start paying per minute. If you’re using an unlocks pass, you’ll skip the unlock fee but pay the regular per-minute price for your ride.

After scanning the vehicle, you will be requested to pick your discount: make sure to select the pass or any of your available deals to use on your ride. You can apply one offer per ride.


As a reminder, to start your ride, you need at least 2.50 EUR / 2 GBP / 3 PLN / 25 SEK / 8.50 ILS in your Dott wallet, or a verified payment method (like a bank card or PayPal) linked to your account. That way, if your entire ride isn’t fully covered by the pass, we’ll charge the remaining amount to your wallet or payment method.

For a full overview of your riding costs, you can always go to “Account” then “My rides” in the app menu.

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