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What’s a Dott pass?

Instead of paying for rides as you go, passes give you a fixed amount of rides or unlocks for a set and discounted price – they’re a great way to ride more for less!

We’ve designed our passes to fit all your different needs:

  • Got a few places to be today? Try our day passes, which give you a set number of rides per day, or unlimited rides all day. 
  • Ride with us often? Use one of our weekly or monthly passes to get the most bang for your buck.
  • Not a fan of paying for unlocks? Grab our unlocks pass to get rid of the unlock fee and pay only for what you ride.

Our passes can differ from city to city, so head to “Buy a pass” in the app menu to see all available passes in your location.

Just one pass at a time

It’s currently not possible to buy and use more than one pass at a time. Don’t worry though, if you’re moving around and your pass isn’t valid in your new location, you’ll be able to buy another pass and use it there.

Still got charged when starting a ride?

We still charge the start ride temp hold in case your pass doesn’t cover the entire cost of your ride. If it does, we’ll refund the entire hold amount to your bank account.

Also check: Can I use my wallet balance to buy a pass?

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