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🇫🇷 Vote to keep scooters in Paris: all the information

The future of e-scooters is at stake on April 02. Paris City Hall has announced a referendum to decide on the future of shared e-scooters.  

You are called on SUNDAY, APRIL 2, to vote on whether or not to maintain shared e- scooters in the capital, at the request of the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo.

👍Voting for scooters means voting for a service used by more than 400,000 people every month, energy efficient and operated by professionals. These are young people, seniors, people with reduced mobility, who rely on scooters every day for their freedom of movement.

👎Voting against scooters means going backwards and depriving Parisians of an efficient mode of transportation, 15 months before the Olympics. It means more cars, more scooters and more saturation in public transport.

Sunday, April 2 will be the key moment to express yourself in order to preserve a shared, useful, innovative, environmentally friendly, and silent mobility service in Paris. 

This decision will have an impact on your freedom to move around the city in a simple and ecological way.

To be able to vote, you must be registered on the electoral lists of your Parisian district. If you are not already registered, you must register on the electoral list before March 3, 2023.

More information and figures on shared e-scooters in Paris on


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